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Global Citizen, Remarkable Life

In 1920, at the age of eight, Moisye Kaptzan spent months hiding in squalid pigsties and opium dens after Bolsheviks murdered his father and hunted the surviving family during the Russian Revolution’s aftermath. Three years later, when the Great Yokohama Earthquake flattened that Japanese city, eleven-year-old Moisye was buried under rubble as his house crashed down upon him. Trapped in Shanghai as a young man during WWII, he outwitted the brutal Japanese occupiers while assisting Jewish refugees running from Hitler. Undaunted by disasters, Moisye Kaptzan relied on his keen understanding of human nature and remarkable fluency in multiple languages to thrive throughout these tumultuous times. A tale of grit, perseverance and survival…this is HiSTORY.

“Robinov’s decision to remain faithful to her father’s words and to not “modify descriptions and statements that were less than favorable, boastful, or downright racist” creates a vibrant, infinitely resourceful character in full. He emerges as an exuberant man driven by work and devoted to immediate and extended family....A treasure trove of cultural and historical minutiae; an addictive read."

    ~ Kirkus Book Reviews


"A compelling portrait of a family at the crossroads of history. First-rate storytelling.”

    ~ Sherry V. Ostroff, Author The Lucky One


"An up close view of a family’s life on the run starting in Siberia during the Russian Revolution and ending in America with several countries and unbelievable experiences in between. Robinov will open your eyes to untold history." 

    ~ Heather Allen, Author The Girl Who Said Goodbye

"Michael Ellis Kaptzan's extraordinary life is described in his own words and recorded by his daughter, Kyra Kaptzan Robinov, in this remarkable memoir." 

    ~ Lenore Lamont Zissermann, Author Mitya''s Harbin: Majesty and Menace

"A powerful vivid description of dramatic experiences; Kyra Robinov has produced an important historical account which is informative, emotive and easy to read. Strongly recommended for anyone interested in the period” 

    ~ Simon Michael Prior, Editor An Englishman in New York

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© 2021 by Kyra Robinov

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