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© 2021 by Kyra Robinov

© 2016 by Kyra Robinov

"Red Winter is...more than a novel: it's a passionate, revealing memoir of a family's struggle to survival political change and oppression..."

                  ~ Midwest Book Review

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© 2021 by Kyra Robinov

“A treasure trove of cultural and historical minutiae; an addictive read."

                                     ~ Kirkus Book Reviews


© 2012 by Kyra Robinov & Tibor Zonai

"TO DANCE leaps with energy....Carrey imbues the lead character with grace and defiance, as well as a Broadway-caliber voice and superior dancing skills; Kathryn Morgan, a former member of New York City Ballet, shines as his girlfriend, Galina, dancing with great strength and artistry." ~ Time Out New York

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